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Create authentic happiness, personal power & unlimited success

Global Woman Empowerment


In my journey of becoming a STARWOMAN, I used a method to empower myself and my life. It worked for me and so it will for you! This is the exact 9-point plan I used in my journey of mastering the Star-woman in the making as an experiment in my personal life, and once I truly mastered it suddenly others called me a “shining star” or “STARWOMAN” and these are random people who had no idea that at the time I was working on myself with my ideas. Until after these comments kept coming around more and more, I decided to definitely name the Theme of my teachings "a STARWOMAN in the making". 



Samareh helps women to create a great amount of inner magnetism so they can empower themselves in all areas of their lives and achieve more. She teaches others the art of goal setting and achieving by using her expanded knowledge and precised strategies. Her confident in her ability to help others and getting the result that is expected comes form her extensive  researches, studies and experiences she has gained in her unique way of living life.

Samareh Rahnavardi was born in, Tehran, Iran, on 21 July 1979. At 14 she immigrated to Botswana and due to constant traveling she got matriculated through online studying.

"My commitment is to help you live a life with more true happiness, fulfillment and success."



Inspirational Speaking

The truth is that Some of the most defining moments in history took place because of the ability to speak in public. It could be a life changer in your personal and professional world. When I am on stage I feel like I am home, It is in that moment that I feel free, since I can use the power of my voice and words to change people's live for better and help them to open their heart and expand their awareness to the power of gratitude and love. When you speak from the heart, your message penetrates to the heart of those who are listening.  I would like to take any opportunity that I could use to spread my message around the globe. 


Benefits of personal development coaching 

-Take your life and business to the next level.

-Discover and unleash the power of your inner “authentic self”. 
-Become more confident.
-Become a magnetic person/leader. 
-Improve and strengthen relationships and create new fulfilling and long lasting ones.
-Find out what your true inner calling is.    
-Learn to take responsibility for your conscious and unconscious thoughts.
-Achieve personal and professional goals.
-Experience appreciation and the power of true gratitude for that you already have.
-Overcome challenges.
-Discover and learn to master your destiny and create an inspiring life. 
-Unlock your unlimited potential.
-Overcome limiting beliefs.
-Uncover your career path or which career to change to.
-Effectively communicate and get your desirable outcome.


To be announced.



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