Samareh Rahnavardi, a human behavior specialist, positive psychology coach and an international speaker, was born in Tehran, Iran, on 21 July 1979.

Since the age of 5 she has been traveling with her family and eventually at age of 14 immigrated to Botswana with her family. After matriculation, due to her inherent talent in art and oil painting, at first she studied at beauty school and qualified as a permanent make-up artist, she started the path of entrepreneurship since a young age and been involved in different businesses since.

After getting married at the age of 23 she settled in Cape Town South Africa with her husband and gave birth to a beautiful little girl in the year of 2005. Got divorced in 2013 and has maintained a great relationship with her ex-husband due to her belief in the transformations of relationships yet never losing one.

Besides being an entrepreneur and being a mom, Samareh studied different courses in philosophy, positive psychology coaching, human behavior, mindfulness, metaphysics, meditations and esoteric teachings with different teachers in South Africa as well as internationally.

She has completed different healing courses like energy healing, esoteric healing and pranic healing. She studied self-hypnotism and self-mastery at the school of self-mastery and hypnotism in South Africa in 2007.

In 2012 she started studying at the Demartini Institute with Dr John Demartini and became a facilitator of the Demartini method in August 2012 and has been an active counselor, coach and facilitator since then.

She has studies at SACAP, The South African collage of applied psychology and she has become a certified Life, Business and Leadership coach practitioner. She has completed a "Positive Psychology Coaching" course taught by Dr Martin Seligman, through the university of Pennsylvania and has become a "Positive Psychology Coach" since.  

Samareh does coaching and counseling sessions, runs workshops and presents public talks internationally. She has spoken topics on family dynamics, woman empowerment, self development,love & relationships, mindfulness and the power of subconscious mind, self love and self worth for hundreds of people. She has also been running her courses on the subject of the magnetic woman, self-empowerment , self-development, the ,magical power of subconscious mind,

self-mastery and self-love.



Samareh helps people to empower themselves in all areas of life in order to achieve more. She teaches them how to be setting and achieving goals with her knowledge and strategies due to her research and studies and experiences in life.

She believes her true calling is on the empowerment of women around the world and helping all to keep the spark in their presence and create tremendous amount of magnetism by knowing their own values and living congruently with those values no matter what. She helps women to reach a high level of fulfillment in their emotional and financial independence in and live a conscious and charged life.

Creating great self-worth and self-love is her focus on any individuals as a basis of all relationships. She truly believes that love and gratitude can heal any situation and helps you to overcome challenges and expand to be the master of your own destiny instead of shrinking and being a victim of your past.


Her mission and inspiration is to be going beyond her capacity to help all women around the world to change their lives for better and grow to more of their magnetic and empowered self, and as well to make sure their voices are being heard globally. She is a fighter for gender equality and would do her best to raise awareness about this matter globally.



Through extensive research and study, Samareh Rahnavardi has gained invaluable knowledge of human behavior patterns and the healing of mind and body that can be achieved by harnessing the power of the mind.  
Her love for people and a keen interest in the humorous observation of human nature lead her on a journey to discover her true purpose - to empower women, by educating and inspiring them to find their true worth and callings and give themselves permission to live according to their most authentic values and inspirations.

As a Demartini Method facilitator Samareh is equipped to facilitate individual and group sessions, using the method to assist clients to recognize the blessings in their challenges and in doing so open their hearts to gratitude and love, to embrace pain and pleasure along the way of their journey into achieving their goals.

Samareh offers counselling to individuals and groups, mentoring and coaching them step by step on how to transform and expand their lives and views in order to achieve a balanced state of mind and ultimately to live an inspired life of their dreams and aspirations. She is aware of the need for further women empowerment in society, and thus one of her key focuses is educating women into the gain of self mastery and self empowerment in all seven areas of life. She believes that this is an unforgettable era of women empowerment and it will be remembered and mentioned in the history of evolution in the world.


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