• Samareh Rahnavardi

An Empowered Woman

1)She maintains her independence. It doesn't matter whether she is the CEO of a well known company or a waitress in the frozen yogurt ice cream shop next door ,she earns a living and she doesn't stand there with her hand out.

2)She place a high value on herself.When she receives a complement,she says thank you and she owns it in a poised manner.She doesn't compare herself to nobody else.She knows she is perfect just the way she is and so is everyone else.

3)She treats her body like a delicate rose.She maintains a decent appearance and looks after her health and vitality.She knows if she doesn't value herself nobody else will.She approves of herself and she is the leader of her own destiny.If he doesn't like her red lipstick she wears it anyway if it makes her feel good.

4)She has a sense of humor. A sense of humor comes from a place of self assurance and confident.However she doesn't laughs to anyone's disrespect whatsoever.

5)She is Brave.She stands up for herself.She is not scared of speaking her mind .She is honest with herself and that's why she allows herself to be seen for who she truly is .

6)She is secure and content.She knows her worth and that she is a prize to be won.She knows her own magnificent and she is content with who she is just the way she is. 7)She maintains her inner peace.Yes Ummmmmm. She knows calmness is power and her inner peace can allow her to be in charge of creating her own universe.She maintains the attitude of gratitude and she walks with serenity.

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