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The art of goal setting

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

It may be December or the time of that deadline, but there is still some time to make it to that goal or get a step closer to it, whether in work, life and love it is still possible for you to see a glimpse of all that you ever wanted before the year’s up and see those inspiring New Year's resolutions through to fruition.

Whether you are working towards that dream body, or you’re looking for a step up on your career ladder, want to boost your self-esteem and self-confident or want to become healthier, as your Coach and Human behavior specialist I am here to help you and share with you some action steps and plan for living and loving the life you lead this year and beyond. Many begin the year full of enthusiasm around setting goals, yet fail to maintain momentum throughout the year and that maybe because they set goals not truly according to their deepest desires and values but yet according to what they think others perceive as important or significant. If you haven’t achieved what you set out to for this year, don’t lose hope my dear one! Let’s rather get crystal clear on what you want to achieve between now and the 31st of December.

Here are three steps for life’s goals success:

1) Ditch Negative thoughts and attitude

Commit to a mind diet and decide from today not to dwell in any negative thoughts or emotions, or allow anyone to take you into any negativity or negative talk or gossip for eleven consecutive days. Believe in me that it’s going to be extremely challenging, but yet completely powerful and rewarding. It is empowering and awareness expanding when you discover how stressed, destructive and non- productive you can be at times when you dwell on negative energy without even realizing it and you will experience such liberation when you let go of it all. You need to literally pick your thoughts like you pick your food. Don’t allow your mind decide what you think about, try to be aware that rather you decide what you will think about and make sure you will only think of a positive outcome about that goal and visualize it exactly how you would like it to be.

2) Keep focus

Stay 100% focused on what you DO want, not on what you DON’T want. The language of the universe is like a boomerang and it will bring back to you what you project out there, make sure you ONLY think of all that you expect to experience, not what you fear of. Be very careful who you share these goals with, because unfortunately most of people will try to talk you out of them or try to side track you off your path to suit their needs, after all people see things only and only through the filters of their values and priorities and whatever they believe is possible according their experiences in life.. For example, if you want to lose weight, friends may manipulate you to go out for a drink and a burger by shaming you into believing you are being a bore for not going out and having homemade salad, or if you want to quit smoking colleagues may try to persuade you to ‘just have one.’ You don’t need to explain, justify or defend yourself, all you need to do is to practice to say NO, literally just smile and say ‘No thanks’ or ‘Maybe another time but not tonight’ and by that you got yourself one step closer to your goal and one step away from theirs.

3) Raise Your Vibration

Many people put attention on the law of attraction to create their desires not knowing that the law of attraction is actually a secondary law and the law of vibration is the primary and the most important law. Because even if you do all that you need to do and you still vibrating in a low level , where the manifestation can’t take place, all your hard work is gone unseen. Your vibration is what dictates what you going to attract into your life, and if you are worried and stress you will attract a lot of bad energy and if you are inspired and grateful and positive, you will attract the same level of vibrations.

And I would love to remind you of one truth , you will attract to you of the vibration that you are harmonious with, when you work on yourself and raise your vibration the people that are not in the same vibration level will fall off the will and the one meant to come in, will be in.

That’s why they say, you don’t attract what you want in a person, and you attract what you are! So create in you who you would love to attract in your life.

So here are three secrets to use to raise your vibration:

a) Create a gratitude journal and write in it every morning and night

b) Create an affirmation that it’s align with your desired end result and keep repeating it every day as many times as you want. Such as “I am lean, healthy and vital”

c) Find something beautiful around you and embrace and appreciate it. Like the beauty in a stillness of a plant, or the art hanging on the wall.

You will gain so much clarity by working through these steps, which will allow you to feel more optimistic towards your future and vibrate higher in the frequency of manifestation but also to help you identify where you might not be living your dream life just yet, and how you can move a step closer to doing so.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your vision and goals – in fact…. I DARE you to be bold!

God loves it when you are daring in asking!!

Let’s dream big superstars, and make those goals of yours a living reality. You deserve to live all your inspiring dreams and aspirations.

Welcome to the steps of living the life of your dreams – it’s time to dive right on in!

Keep shining!

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