• Samareh Rahnavardi

How to keep that fire going!

The truth is that long lasting love has to grow and evolve over the years and penetrate itself in the soul of your being. Let’s talk about how to keep that love alive which seems to be the challenge of many long lasted relationship. You have to remember that you’re not always going to feel that same infatuation kind of love and the butterflies, nor be who fell in love with your teenage lover. After the infatuation faze passes and the honey moon time is over, you will evolve and so will your partner. The love changes and instead of an emotion it becomes more of a true feeling. It will be less selfish and more giving, less self-center and true caring. It is when you prefer to watch your loved one be happy and smiling no matter what they are busy doing, I mean to a point that even if you won’t be a part of that experience you would still genuinely be happy for your partner to do what is making him/her happy.

As the relationship grows old and mature so are we. Most couples assume as time passes and days of our lives go on they don’t need to have intimate conversations or exchange thoughts about each other’s views on life or their visions anymore, because they already know everything about their partner, or that they have been together too long that they already know each other. This is the biggest mistake people make that kills the enthusiasm on the relationship. But what many don’t understand is that we grow and evolve as individuals constantly, and our likes, dislikes and opinions too change all the time. When you are fine you are growing, when you are fifteen you are too and also when you are fifty and this goes on and on and on and we change through this growth.

The secret is to wake up every morning and look at your partner with new eyes and a new mind and take on an attitude full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Look at your partner with your imagination rather than a fixed mindset, which will bring injustice to yourself and your lover.

With all that’s said, I would like to mention the three basic requirements to keep the fire alive in a relationship and I leave you to meditate and ponder on the words I m sharing.

1) Affection

It is wise to pay close attention to your loved one’s love language and realize how they define being loved, then make an effort to give and express your love in that manner. Some feel loved by being told or being touched, some do by receiving presents. Which one is your own love language? Have you ever thought about that? What if you share it with your partner and express how you would like to be receiving affection. This allows your partner to feel comfortable and do the same.

2) Sexual desire

Going to bed with an open and grateful heart for your partner allows you to feel desired and feel desire towards your partner. It is wise not to go to bed and sleep with resentment and brain noise. Believe it or not an attitude of gratitude towards your partner increases the sexual desire towards them too.

3) True Caring

Truly caring for someone means you care enough to get to know that person and understand their true dreams and aspirations and show them that you are willing to support them into fulfilling those dreams. A fulfilled person is mostly a caring partner. So by helping your partner to fulfill their desires you create tremendous amount of love coming back to yourself.

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