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Happy you, Powerful you

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Often people have been complementing me on my smile and magnetism, since a child till now. In a humble manner I always said thank you, and deeply thought “why they say what they say”!? I saw myself as just me and yet everyone else saw me as a magnetic person, with magnetic personality. For years and years I kept researching and thinking of why some people are loved and have all those trait and some are hardly noticed and I felt it’s not fair since I believe everyone is beautiful in some way and somehow, and my love for understanding human behavior and the secrets behind our personas lead me to who I have become today, a human behavior specialist with a love for coaching people to tap into their inner power and magnetism.

Did you know that researches has shown that happy people make 1766 dollars a year more than unhappy people or that happy employees take 15 days less sick leaves than unhappy employees, or that happy people have more social supports and friends as well as more vitality and positive energy, they experience fulfilling romantic relationships and interactive friendships, and all of those traits put together makes one a magnetic and powerful person. People are attracted to positive energy and authentic happiness. But when I talk about all that in my talks, workshops or my students, they all say but how Sam, how can I become more authentically happy?

The truth is that we live in a balance world, where we all experience happiness and sadness together, or satisfaction and disappointments, laughter and cry, which all is a part of the duality of the universe we living in, but it’s your behavior and your attitude towards situations or circumstances that makes all the differences and makes you a powerfully magnetic or repelling miserable person. It is also wise to consider the fact that 40% of our happiness is created by us, 50% is genetics and only 10% is by the circumstances of life. Can you believe that!? You cannot let the 10% of circumstances influence your whole life! You still have 40% to make it and create authentic happiness within, believe me that 40% is a lot!!

With all that said I would like to share with you three secret tips on how to raise your magnetism in order to become a happy powerful leader in all areas of your life.

Secrete number one: Be present

Engagement is so important in our daily life, it is so truly crucial that you do things that makes you genuinely happy, so you can be fully engaged and present with them, then you will be living in your heart not in your mind and thoughts of past or an illusion of the future.

Secret number two: positive emotions

Remember to adopt a positive perspective as often as you can so you constantly can create positive emotions such as gratitude and love in your heart and mind in the present moment. Create a gratitude journal and write in it every morning.

Secret number three: Positive relationships

Learn to say no! If a situation doesn’t suit or satisfy you give yourself permission to stand up for yourself and say no, this is not vanity yet its only self-respect and that make you deeply quietly happy.

When you can create a calm and quiet genuine happiness inside, when you are truly content with yourself you become magnetic and powerful, therefore you attract amazing opportunities and fulfilling relationships, so with all that you become more of a happy persona and with that inner happiness you become a pleasant person with pleasant personality.

Secret number four: Live a life that matters

We all want to feel that in one way or another we are contributing and serving others or humanity. If I ever ask people in the talks or seminars who wants to be off service and contribute to the world, everybody puts their hand up, nobody wants to shrink, everyone desires to expand and give back in some forms. So ask yourselves what is that thing that you can contribute to the world and while doing that you make yourself happy. We all came with a purpose, have you found your life purpose? Or have you asked yourself what it is that makes you happy to contribute? Living a life that is contributing to others is a truly fulfilling life to live.

Secret number five: Acknowledge your achievements

Have you noticed how easily we encourage other people or acknowledge their success but we hardly take time to recognize our own! I encourage you to take time today and make a list of your success, small or big, and realize how much you have been growing and learning and achieving.

Apply the tips and remember you deserve to live a magnificent and fulfilling life of your dreams and aspirations.

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