• Samareh Rahnavardi

Raise your self-love

"If you still sitting and waiting for someone to come and make you happy my friend, you might be killing and wasting that beautiful time of yours. True fulfillment and happiness is only found in the core of your own being.Decide to love yourself today and let that love shine out of you and be shared with others" Tips on how to raise your self love:  1) Stop criticizing yourself, praise yourself instead. 2) Love you with all of you, even with your negativity and so called "mistakes" 3) Be kind and gentle to yourself,treat yourself like you would treat someone that you truly love. 4) Look in the mirror and tell yourself, I love and approve of you, you are magnificent.  5) Take care of your body, cleans and decorate it like a beautiful home,it's your sanctuary! Follow the steps just for one single day and notice the difference on how you are feeling. I bet you wanna feel like that everyday. 

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