• Samareh Rahnavardi

You are a masterpiece

Trust that YOU are a masterpiece of the Creator. So perfect as a whole. So magnificent for who you have been, are and will be. Dare to be yourself, If you only knew how amazing you are in every moment of your existence.

How beautiful and contributing you are when you are authentic. Be yourself and stay in your power.Have no fear of the judgment and the criticism of others and do not get caught up into the praise and the admiration of people, for in every moment you are someone's hero and another's villain. You could never satisfy all but you could only fulfill one's heart and that one is Your own. No one will ever come and live your dream and the fulfillment or desires of your heart but you. So once again remind yourself that you are a masterpiece and you deserve to live all your inspired dreams. They are yours and they have been put in your heart for a reason. BE YOU!

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